9 Ways to Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal During the Winter


If your property is on the market this winter, you may assume that there’s nothing to do to improve curb appeal until the spring. But there are actually many things you can do to this effect this weekend! Here are nine ways you can improve your property’s curb appeal this winter.


1. Make sure your property looks and feels (and is) safe.

Clear snow and ice from the driveway and all walkways, steps, and railings. If you have snowpack, make sure it is properly maintained and easily driveable and walkable.

2. Just add light.

Make sure that your driveway (including the end of your driveway), all pathways, and all entrances are well-lit. In addition to increasing visibility, making your property safer for visitors, added light will help your home feel warmer and more inviting. Supplement your functional lights with ambient string lights (that aren’t too holiday-specific) and lanterns.

3. Make your windows so clean that they sparkle.

You may be prevented by the elements from power-washing your home’s exterior walls, doors, and garage doors until spring comes. But with the winter’s dim light and heavy shadows, keeping your windows clean goes a long way to improving its appearance, indoors and out. The dirt and grime on your windows will be more visible in winter’s light. On the other hand, sparklingly clean windows will help bring more light into your home inside and reflect the white snow outside, brightening visitors’ view of your home.

4. Remove debris.

Removing debris from your steps, walkways, driveway, yard, and gutters will help your property look clean and well-maintained. This includes fallen tree limbs, autumn’s fallen leaves, and pine needles.

5. Freshen up your front door and mailbox.

Repaint your front door in a bright, cheery color that contrasts the winter drab and compliments the color of your home. Think red, yellow, or even a cheerful shade of blue. For extra curb appeal points, repaint your mailbox the same new happy color as your door.

6. Spruce up your front porch.

Thoroughly sweep your front porch, and add a new doormat and boot scraper. Don’t give your visitors a reason to have to think about how much mud they’re bringing in with them!

7. Liven up your home’s exterior with winter-friendly plants.

Place potted evergreen plants on your front stoop. Consider adding window boxes, also filled with hardy plants. Top off the effect with a simple but attractive wreath for your front door(s).

8. Upgrade your house numbers.

Put up new digits that are large, attractive, and easy to read. Not only will prospective buyers appreciate the ease of finding your house, but they will also admire the snazzy font of your house number in the process.

9. Put up bird feeders.

Much like adding potted plants, visiting birds add a pleasant liveliness to your property. Prospective homebuyers that are avid birders will also thank you for this little touch.

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